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It is important to clarify that the choice of a law firm to represent you and to manage the legal issues that concern you is crucial. We also understand that each case is important for the person / company that is facing the difficulty. Even further, we believe that the followed means to manage and the perspective adopted are significant factors for the outcome. KST law firm goes further than that since unique and modern ways of representation, communication and fee estimation are available and offered to you, always adjustable to tailor made methods. Quality and quantity is a principle adopted in a legal framework by our firm.

Our firm uses as a strong tool the benefit of our constant interaction with real business people and issues and questions of various enterprising areas during both providing professional services and educational schemes. Thus, except the legal perspective, real everyday significant issues were forwarded for proposals and solutions as court cases and educational studies in lectures and seminars. The principal here is to follow not a strict theoretical legal pathway but a realistic, feasible and accurate framework to get to the core of the problem and provide the best possible solution.
Our Firm was established in 2004 and has expanded ever since.

We handle cases and claims at all levels and jurisdictions in the areas of Business & Company law, Logistics / Transportation and Procurement, Contract preparation and drafting, Tax & Employment & Labor Law. Please refer to page Abstract.

Yes it is, since you buy a property estimated over 250.000 €, or invest over 400.000 € to tangible property / assets for example shares, bank accounts, or mutual funds etc.

We strongly suggest areas such as Tourism, renewable energy sources, IT etc.

Our office offers tailor made packages of fees’ payment adjustable in each individual case.

This is a very important question for us since it is the foundation of our cooperation. We cooperate using modern online tools which guarantee the real time update of each client world widely.

Our office offers any feasible way of communication either the modern online and tele conference or the classical via telephone, email, personal correspondence. You may contact us at : [email protected] or +30 6907172911.