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KSTLAW, is a Legal Firm that is not orientated as a common office approaching any foreign language or remote legal issue as an obstacle, since we actually think, act and consult under a worldwide perspective, manner, experience and culture.Thus, our firm specializes to a high standard in areas such as corporate, financial, business, taxation, startup, technology, asset management, real estate, procurement / logistics and commercial law to have the privilege to provide high standard consulting services, specialized approach and integrated legal solution in issues or challenges that might be relevant to Companies, Corporations, Firms and Businesses. 
Consequently, our office provides the merge of academic excellence, business sense combined with years of practical experience.  Hence, the Firm has the ability and the skills to successfully represent private clients, companies and institutions in vast and complex issues and legal matters.
The business lawyers of our office provide legal support to businessmen, startuppers and entrepreneurs while doing business to various kind of complexities, perplexities and tricky situations from the initial step, i.e. company set up and startup, financial terms and liquidation, to the next step, i.e. commercial transactions, sales, procurement, forwarding, property, tangible and intangible acquisition, IT & Technology services and support, compliance policies, directorship of mother and subsidiary company, crisis management e.t.c. to the final step of profit gaining, dividends division, merges/sales and acquisition process and many more.
All these and many other with a responsible, down to earth and fully attentive representation of your case by our Firm. It is a fundamental principle of our legal Office that no client and no case is the same, not even similar many times, and consequently every case shall be handled individually and specifically from a blank paper and not as a part of an already existing ‘ecosystem’.
In a world constantly moving and changing it is important to be able to keep the balance between the traditional legal processes and the analog function of representation to modern ones for which representation differentiates in case as:
  • IT and Technology issues
  • Intellectual Property
  • Taxation & Finance
  • Businesses’ sensitive secrets and know-how management
  • Arbitration and extrajudicial processes
Proof of the above mentioned vision of our office, is the number of testimonies of people and companies that have chosen us for a cooperation adapting various schemes for their status, aiming to various investments and businesses, such as companies and groups, joint ventures, institutions and NGO’s, associations and clubs and of course individuals world widely orientated.     
Moreover, relevantly with the financial status of each individual cooperation and, in order to reach the best financial collaboration amongst us, we suggest and apply, to companies and enterprises, specific programs or packages in reference to time charge payment, always tailor made with the needs of each individual company.

Areas of practice

Business & Corporate Law

It is of vital importance to choose the correct vehicle to do business and to invest with a safe net. Hence, we provide our expertise and long experience to entrepreneurs and startuppers along with traditional business players and investors to achieve the best outcome with the longer duration of their profit. Naturally, it is equally important to safeguard the best operation and the most successful management of every day routine of each company in every legal and directing element, i.e. taxation, finance, general process, transactions, HR, labor and human management, UNCITRAL, GATT, e-TIR, e-CMR, INCOTERMS etc., in all functions of businesses as for example:

  • Transportation and Warehouse’s management systems
  • Product Sales – Retail & Procurement
  • Insurance – Health & Pharmaceutical
  • Construction & Building
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Import and Export of goods, products and services


Startups & Entrepreneurs

Despite the fact that this type of modern businesses are more or less mentioned above, they do present a number of differentiations from the others and thus, extra caution is necessary. A fresh and unique business idea needs a well drafted business plan and a solid and protected legal framework to flourish. Ideas in reference, amongst other, to:

  • IT and Artificial Intelligence
  • Technology, internet & web services
  • E-commerce: (e shops, e orders, e invoices etc.,)
  • E-learning and entrepreneur mentoring
  • Clean energy and environmental protection
  • Bio technology and medical ethics
  • Logistics, supply chain automation, product manufacturing


Real Estate

Clients are obliged to use premises as establishments, headquarters, investments, warehouses and other property (tangible or intangible) uses, either acting as land owners or tenants. Consequently, land acquisition or rent or other type of use is a fundamental element for every client that wishes to take the first steps in the realization of the business plan. In addition, Real estate’s management’s success leans on the combination of motley elements that are relevant to this area, elements as corporate, financing, tax, maneuver of capital, tenancy, ownership and other kinds of legislation in order to offer flexible, feasible and creative proposals and suggestions and cover each individual interest, either as a property for use or for investment.


Contract / Agreement / Deed Management

Naturally, as the international dogma ‘’scripta manent’’ requests, it is extremely significant to provide a written form to each agreement and/or deal accomplished, and/or business cooperation or transaction pending, prior to its realization. Drafting a Contract, an Agreement, a Convention, a general code/ process of cooperation, is important. What is even more important to be able to establish specific contractual terms and create a safe and functional environment in which the Parties will feel safe to cooperate and expand furtherly their businesses under the firm reassurance that the majority of future crisis issues are already met and managed a priori on the contract signed as a methodology of working hand by hand, business to business and win to win basis.


Undisputable the financial sector is a crucial one without which no business idea or plan cannot get started or continued successfully. Our firm has established a cooperation net with scientists of the financial area, such as accountants, economic and business management engineers, chartered accountants, economists, in order to be in the position to provide an integrated expert analysis and proposal to each issue and difficulty that a company may face nowadays in our complex world. Furthermore, our Firm provides legal & financial services to its clients in reference to:

  • Taxation and capital maneuver and management
  • Senior and bridge financial structures
  • Structured finance
  • Securitization and surveillance of synthetic sale transactions
  • Claims management and collection
  • Modern solutions of financing – franchising, leasing, factoring, forfaiting
  • Real Estate Finance, acquisitions of property (i.e. business, commercial, private investment)
  • Survey and perspectives about Investments’ proposals
  • Corporate social responsibility

Public Law Procurement

Sometimes a great business plan includes an interaction with the Public. Our office provides legal services while helping bidders and awarding authorities to accomplish the task of a successful auction procedure by following the domestic and European Union’s legal provisions and requirements. Throughout the whole public procurement process, negotiations, offers, project analysis, provisional compliance and contract drafting, our clients enjoy a full assistance. In addition, in an event of bid protest, procurement extrajudicial arbitration, contract disputes, interim measures to be taken or a whole judicial representation our Firm will provide full coverage and integrated consulting services. Finally, it is our aim to help and provide support in any effort that focuses on the formation of joint ventures, special bidding fora and pioneering methods of collaboration or cooperation, i.e. sub workers, sub construction, merges and strategic acquisitions, in order to create and develop a scheme that will successfully participate in the public procurement procedure.


Last but not least is the major issue of Compliance, a coverage sheet that actually protects all kind of business in the modern International and/or European world corporate arena adopting a mandatory identity. Starting with the well-known European Regulation of Protection of Personal Data, i.e., GDPR – Regulation 2016/679 – and its strict and solid compliance terms. In addition, the vast number of EU legislation about vertical or horizontal protection such as:

  • anti-dubbing provisions
  • franchise and enterprises monopoly
  • consumer protection measures
  • lex mercatoria
  • UNCITRAL etc.

Moving to the protection of:

  • the know – how agreements
  • the business and artistic intellectual property
  • commercial and corporate sensitive information
  • trademarks and company’s distinctive titles
  • the sites’ and applications’ software codes
  • the ISO or Tuv or HACCP certifications
  • the forwarding of goods under the status of international treaties such as TIR or CMR or IncoTerms
  • European taxation compliance
  • Solvency I & II
  • International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

and many others that in order to understand their significance and importance of compliance, in the event that a domestic legislation clashes with the above mentioned international or European provision, the latter always prevails. Hence, it is extremely important to choose a legal Firm which on one hand has adequate knowledge of the above and on the other hand recognizes its necessity.

Finally, the method and the approach that our legal office adopts to manage with each individual case is also differently orientated. We tend to pay attention and apply a close scrutiny to each business plan, to discuss thoroughly the business idea and its weak points, if any, to draft strict legal documents from a MOU or NDA to a extremely detailed commercial contract, to establish a secured framework to the important parts of the agreement, to protect intellectual property, to achieve full compliance, to offer HR management with solutions such as recruiting, hiring personnel, relevant taxation etc., and of course to keep our client satisfied and his idea and business plans constantly growing, since it is our principle that the client’s growth is our reputation and success.

Card Visit:

Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos: Lawyer / Advocateur, LLM(Hons) in International & European Law, Lecturer in above mentioned international subjects.

Georgios Stouraitis: Lawyer / Advocateur, Msc in Tax & Public Law, Lecturer in above mentioned relevant subjects.


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